7 Days to Skinny Jeans

Let me guess…it’s the beginning of October, and you’re already stressing about the upcoming Holidays and the pounds that you usually let slip back on. Instead of slipping the lbs back on- let’s slip your favorite “skinny jeans” back on. Now the sugar cravings set in. But you think (dramatically), “There’s no hope! This is just the way […]

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Free Spirit

What does FREEDOM mean to you? Today I choose to be FREE. Free from worry. Free from bitterness. Free from anger. Free from other people’s opinions and views. Today I am taking a quick overnight trip to Big Sur, a place where I feel more free than almost anywhere else on earth. I love to […]

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Freedom Music Video

I don’t take Freedom lightly. Even as a child, I could never believe how people could use others especially as slaves. I am thankful to live in America, Land of the FREE. Although our country was founded on Freedom, there’s still been many people who have had to fight for their freedom. Whether the African […]

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