Trailer Diaries Episode 2- Attitude

Trailer Diaries Episode 2- Attitude with Tiana Gustafson.

I’m coming to you LIVE (well, not quite Live) from Atascadero, CA sitting in my Vintage Aristocrat 1971 Trailer. Daydreaming and goal-setting about the things to get done- but still taking the time to appreciate the fact that I HAVE MY OFFICE/TRAILER/DREAM CENTER sitting in my driveway! :)

Today’s Trailer Diaries is all about ATTITUDE! If you struggle with focusing on the negative in life, you’re not a lone. There’s a lot of negative in this world. But we MUST take the time to focus on the POSITIVE and make sure our ATTITUDE is GOOD- ok, not just good AWESOME! Because if your attitude is AWESOME then your LIFE WILL BE AWESOME!

Please comment below and let me know how you stay positive and awesome! I’d also love to hear any thoughts, comments, questions about my trailer- or even advice! :) Look forward to connecting and staying in touch!
From my heart to yours,
Tiana Gustafson- Signing Off. :)

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2 Responses to Trailer Diaries Episode 2- Attitude

  1. Tami Trimm November 18, 2013 at 10:14 pm #

    Hi Tiana, seeing that you live in Atascadero makes me think of my ex-in laws, they have lived in Cambria for many years, since about the early 1980′s. I have always been extremely close to them, I’ve known them since 1969 when my sister married one of their sons and then I married another one of their sons in 1978. We have since divorced but they have always remained Mom and Dad to me and I have visited them often. ‘Dad’ had been retired for many years but had gone to the prison in Atascadero to hold a Bible study for all the guys there ever since they moved there! But one day a few years ago, Dad was on his way home from the prison when he was hit head on by a lady that was on some medication and it killed him instantly. Mom died about a year and a half ago from cancer but and my ex husband still lives there. Sorry for this long note, they showed me the way to The Lord and I loved them so much, thank you for the Trailer Diaries, your family is beautiful !

    • admin November 19, 2013 at 3:57 pm #

      Tami. First of all, thank you so much for coming to my blog and watching. Second, thank you So much for sharing your very personal and touching story. I think that’s so amazing. Please feel free to come visit me in Atascadero- You can even stay in my trailer once it’s all fixed up! :) I mean that. Your comment is actually a part of my dreams coming true. I started this blog to combine all my passions into one. For years I pursued music ( and was told to only share parts of myself. Well, now that I know how to do web design and other fun things online, I decided that this blog would be a place that I would share everything about myself in hopes to make REAL connections with as many people as possible. And more importantly, I do share my faith of Jesus Christ as the son of God and hope to share the light with others. So you writing about finding the Lord through these dear people that lived in my area is very touching to me. Please stay in touch and add me as a friend on Facebook and I’m just so happy to have met you! God bless you and I’ve said a prayer for you! :)

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